Monday, April 14, 2008

Dominance War - Henry




Here was my entry for Dominance War III. A bunch of guys and I from work competed, and hopefully we can place. Regardless I had a lot of fun.

Here is his story -

When Henrys parents were killed by the machines when he was 3, he was left to grow up orphaned, homeless and alone. Until one day when he found a ring made of bone. He was unsure of its purpose but figured it was nothing more than creepy decoration, and at least equal to the value of a couple good meals, so he kept it in the best place he could think of, his finger!

Shortly after, Henry started to feel extremely strong, his empty stomach felt full, his energy was endless. This increased as the days went on, until he became extremely powerful, with the agility and strength to defeat giants with ease. Henry knew it was the ring, and became extremely cautious due to its fragility, His greed took over and he quickly and crudely build a glove around his hand and arm to protect it. The weight didn’t matter as he had no problem lifting it. He didn’t even make it removable, as he wanted to make sure his ring was always safe

Soon after, Henry discovered the true source of his power, the Skullies! Curious, child like creatures that he had unknowingly summoned by wearing the ring. It spooked him at first, but eventually he got used to it, and they began to form a bond.

It wasn’t all good though, Henry began to change, he noticed half of his body starting to decay. He knew, the Skullies knew, it was the ring. He had to choose a path. Having a sense of friendship and family for the first time, Henry decided to keep the ring, regardless of its effects on his body. He knew he could remain powerful if he protected the Skullies, and the Skullies followed him wherever he went.

Henry realized that his power had to be put to use, so he joined the war to fight the machines, and avenge his parents.